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Nigeria declared free of Ebola virus

ABUJA (AFP) ― Nigeria was declared Ebola-free on Monday in a “spectacular success” in the battle to contain the spread of a virus which is devastating Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia where more than 4,500 people have died. Another West African nation, Senegal, was declared free of the virus on Friday. European Union foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg said the bloc must step up efforts to contain Ebola and prevent it becoming a global threat. Amid concerns that the global

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Endorsements and Authentication of Documents

서류 공증 (Endorsement) 인증 신청 공문 (한국회사, 나이지리아 회사 모두) 사업자등록증 (한국회사, 나이지리아 회사 모두) 위임장 (번역공증) Free Sales 문서(원본) 인증 서류 사본 성분분석표 * 인증 받을 서류는 반드시 상공회의소 인증 필수 * 위임장을 제외한 모든 서류는 영문 * Free Sales 문서와 성분분석표 원본은 서류 인증 후 반환 * 방문시간