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PRESS RELEASE TRAVEL ADVISORY AS A RESULT OF EBOLA OUTBREAK The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Nigeria wishes to bring to the attention of all Nigerians that as a result of the outbreak of Ebola cases in Nigeria following the visit of a Liberian-American, the late Mr. Patrick Sawyer, many countries have introduced stringent measures to stop the spread of the disease to their countries. These include closure of borders screening at entry points, repatriation of

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서류 공증 (Endorsement) 인증 신청 공문 (한국회사, 나이지리아 회사 모두) 사업자등록증 (한국회사, 나이지리아 회사 모두) 위임장 (번역공증) Free Sales 문서(원본) 인증 서류 사본 성분분석표 * 인증 받을 서류는 반드시 상공회의소 인증 필수 * 위임장을 제외한 모든 서류는 영문 * Free Sales 문서와 성분분석표 원본은 서류 인증 후 반환 * 방문시간