1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abuja, following the need of the government and desire of the Nigerians in the Diaspora for inclusiveness of all Nigerians in the development of the country, has established full-fledged Diaspora Desk.
  2. The objective of the Diaspora desk is to facilitate effective and timely attendance to issues concerning the Nigerian Diaspora including the use of their professional skills. The Diaspora desk is therefore a one-stop-data base to collate the registration of all Nigerian Diaspora across the globe for the use of all Nigerian establishments that may need their services.
  3. This is in line with the Transformation Agenda of the Federal Government of Nigeria, especially in the quest for Scientific and Technological Development, as well as its socio-political re-engineering efforts.
  4. In this connection, all Nigerian professionals’ residence in South Korea are urgently requested to furnish the Mission with the following information:-
  5. Kindly download the Form, fill it and forward to the embassy via chancery@nigerianembassy.or.kr